C5 Corvette front part numbers (all #s are GM part numbers)
Left Front Z06 Caliper (Red) 88895128    Left Front C5 Caliper (Black) 12530683
Right Front Z06 Caliper (Red) 88895129    Right Front C5 Caliper (Black) 12530682
Front Caliper parts
C5 Rotor Left (stock) 10445857 or use C5 Rotor - Left Durastop 88926732
C5 Rotor Right (stock) 10445856 or use C5 Rotor - Right Durastop 88926731
Caliper Bracket (2 required) 12455799
Caliper Guide Pin (4 required) 12530697
Caliper Guide Pin Seals (4 required) 12530703
Brake Hose Copper Washer (4 required) 10139097
C5 Brake Pads (stock) 12530681 or use C5 Ceramic Durastop Pads 88909667
LS1 Camaro rear part numbers (all #s are GM part numbers)
LS1 Left caliper  12455127
LS1 Right caliper 12455128
Left backing plate with drum parking brake shoes 10434796
Right backing plate with drum parking brake shoes 10434797
Caliper mounting brackets (2 required) 12456459
Rear parking brake cables 10424968
Left parking brake bracket 10289539
Right parking brake bracket 10289540
Rear brake hoses (to calipers) w/ banjo bolt (2 required) 22163484
Caliper guide pins (4 required) 12530697
Rear rotors with parking brake drum (2 required) 18060239
Rear brake pads seem to depend on what year the caliper was made
My costs for both front and rear
2003 C5 Z06 setup (ebay) $335.00
2001 LS1 brakes  (ebay) $182.50
AutoZone Duralast El Camino rotors        Part #5547 ($39.99ea)     $79.98
AutoZone Inner wheel bearing (Timken)   Part #SET6 ($9.49ea)     $18.98
AutoZone Outer wheel bearing (Timken)    Part #SET34 ($11.99ea)     $23.98
AutoZone Inner Seal (Timken)               Part #8871 ($1.99ea)       $3.98
AutoZone Hub dust covers                      Part # 13977 ($2.99ea)       $5.98
Parts America Spindle nut                        Part # 304993 ($3.97ea)       $7.94
Bracket to hold Corvette calipers onto G-body spindles $90.00
Getting the spindles modified $75.00
Copper gaskets for brake lines (10 - 2 extra just in case) 21012386 (.71ea)       $7.50
Flush mount valve stems    Summit Racing SUM-G1958 (set of 2) ($5.88 set)   $11.76
Flush mount valve stems install cost $64.00
Braided brake lines front/rear $101.00
Final total for front and rear brakes $1017.90
Additional parts/work I had done to the brakes
Corvette Durastop front caliper brake pad kit  88909667 $66.52
Camaro rear caliper brake pad kit   88899570 $54.63
Corvette front caliper rebuild kit (needed after powder coating) 12530686 ($12.09 ea)  $24.18
Camaro rear caliper rebuild kit (needed after powder coating) 12530687 ($12.09 ea)  $24.18
Solo-Bleed brake bleeders         Summit racing EAR-280022ERL ($9.98ea)    $19.76
Powder coating $150.00



Complete total