C5 Corvette and LS1 Camaro brakes

Getting the parts together page

Modifying the rearend

Getting the parts together page

First off let me say that I did not come up with the ideas for these conversions. I had wondered about using these brakes for Frankenstein but without the help of the links below I would not have been able to do it.

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(Archived on my site because it is gone from F-Body.com)

As much as possible I'm going to be listing the parts and part #s I use for this and prices to anyone an idea that wants to do this. I'm also going to be using off the shelf parts. So far there are only 2 parts that will not be that I'm aware of. A set of El Camino rotors/hubs are going to be modified so that they are hubs only and the bracket to hold the front calipers will have to be custom.

For my setup I decided on LS1 Camaro calipers for the rear disc conversion (originally drums). And C5 Corvette calipers for the front. This would give me 12" rotors in back and 13" in the front. I figured it would be more then enough for the El Camino. These can be seen at the top of my Brakes page.


Finally I'm back to working on the Elky after finishing some major work on my house. Since starting I've bought the brackets for my Corvette calipers and had the spindles modified by the person I bought the brackets from. Today I mocked everything up to check clearances. Everything looked like it was good to go until I spun the wheel.... Then the valve stem that BOZE puts on the inside of the rim (to give the lip a clean look) hit the caliper. But I have found that there are flush valve stems that I can have put on the wheels. I'm going to check and see if the local America's Tire carries them or not and go from there. I was really worried that the inside of the wheel would not clear, I never even thought about the stem.



Well I got the valve stem clearance problem fixed. A set of flush mount air valves did the trick. I also put the new Durastop brake pads into the caliper to verify my clearance and I actually have more then an 1/8" of clearance between the wheel and the caliper.

Next will be priming and painting the spindles and the hubs.



I haven't updated the site in a while but I have been busy. I have the front spindles ready to be installed with the hubs etc. I also have the rear-end ready also. I have modified it to accept the backing plates for the LS1 Camaro brakes, it's also been removed from the Elky and I have it disassembled for powder coating with the exception of bushings on the upper ears (they come out next). I did run into a problem with the brakes clearing the rear shocks. They hit each other, so I've made some shock relocation brackets to move the lower mounting point of the shocks inward about 2 inches.

One thing that I don't have to do is have the axels machined for the rotor to fit on them. It slid right on like the factory planned it that way. I had seen where some 3rd gen Camaro's had to have their axels modded.