98+ LS1 rear brakes how to

Hello fellow F-body enthusiast!

Below you will find a list of the parts with their corresponding part numbers required to update an F-body 10 bolt disc or drum rear to the 98-up LS1 disc brakes. There are several part numbers and prices not listed and I will update the chart with them as soon as I get them. I am estimating $15-$30 for those parts not yet priced. As you can see, the total price for the conversion will be approx. $550, not including pads. I chose Hawk HPS pads ($55) to match my 1LE HPS pad up front, but there is a wide range of prices and different pad mats starting from $30. Also, hooking the parking brake up to the earlier F-body style will require some fabrication. If you are upgrading a drum rear, a new prop valve (approx. $50) may be required, depending on the year of the vehicle.

* Please note that your local dealer may have much higher prices then I have listed, and most likely will require that the GM parts be order over the web.

** Stainless steel flex hoses may be substituted for the GM rubber hoses and slotted rotors may be subst for the solid rotors, but this will add to the cost of the conversion.

A NOTE ON CALIPERS-These calipers are NEW GM/PBR calipers! I have found that the rebuilt units from parts stores are approx. the same price before they add the core charge! Since the GM calipers are new, there is no core charged when ordering them. They also come with the caliper to caliper pin mounting bolts. As an added bonus, the GM calipers will allow the installation of a 100% new rear braking system.



Quantity Req. Q x Price Price each Mfg.
p/n description Avail at
1 $60 $60 GM 12455127 LS1 LH rear PBR caliper (NEW-NO CORE CHARGE) GM
1 $60 $60 GM 12455128 LS1 RH rear PBR caliper (NEW-NO CORE CHARGE) GM
1 $61 $61 GM 10434796 Rear LH backing plate with drum parking brake shoes GM
1 $61 $61 GM 10434797 Rear RH backing plate with drum parking brake shoes GM
2 $46 $23 GM 12456459 Caliper mounting brackets GM
2 $34 $17 GM 10424968 Rear parking brake cables GM
1 $4 $4 GM 10289539 Rear LH parking brake bracket GM
1 $4 $4 GM 10289540 Rear RH parking brake bracket GM
2 $48 $24 GM 22163484 Rear brake hoses (to calipers) w/ banjo bolt GM
1 $0
Rear brake hose (chassis to axle) GM
1 $0
GM N/A Prebent LS1 metal brake line (mounted on axle) Salvage yard
4 $3.75 $15
GM 12530697
Caliper guide pins GM
2 $124 $62 Aimco 55050 Rear rotors with parking brake drum AutoZone
1 $15 $15 Brakeware H5927 Anti-rattle pad springs and caliper pin boots AutoZone

Total $532

1 $55 $55 Hawk HB250F653 LS1 HPS rear pads ThunderRacing.com


The new GM calipers. These also come with the mounting bolts
LS1 Calipers

The backing plate and drum assembly
LS1 Backing Plates

Caliper mounting brackets

Parking cables and parking brake brackets

Caliper brake hoses and banjo bolts

Guide Pins


12 inches



Please visit www.thirdgen.org. There are several very good tech articles on upgrading brakes, including an article on how to modify the drum rear to accept the disc backing plates here: http://www.thirdgen.org/newdesign/tech/

Also, please visit this thread on thirdgen.org :

Last Updated on 6/5/03